What is Adaptive Web Design?

Responsive Web DesignAdaptive web design refers to the process of designing web pages that can automatically scale to fit all devices from smart phones to desktop computers. With the rising popularity of mobile devices and Google's recent announcement that non mobile friendly pages will be penalized in search ranking the time has come to make sure your site is mobile ready.

We use a combination of HTML5, CSS3 and the powerful Bootstrap framework to design stes that are not only clean modern and easy to navigate, but that simply work flawlessly across all devices and browsers. Since mobile searches now exceed desktop searches, having a mobile ready site os not really an option!

About Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework designed to allow developers to build sites that adapt and scale for optimized display on any device. Developed by some of the folks at Twitter, the Bootstrap framework has been thoroughly tested and continues to eveolve to keep pace with the ever changing face of mobile computing. By detecting the type of device and screen resolution, adaptive sites built on the Bootstrap framework are always displayed in the most appropriate manner.

Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

If your existing website is not optimized for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, give us a call today to see how we can increase the usability of your site for all customers and boost your search result rankings at the same time! To see an example of what Bootstrap can do, view this site from your smart phone or tablet as well as your laptop or desktop computer. The adaptive design and device detection scripts deliver the content appropriately for any device!

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