Extreme Gaming, AutoCAD or Just Because...

Billings Custom ComputersSerious about PC gaming? You have come to the right place! We build extreme performance gaming computers for serious enthusiasts who have a need to dominate the game. Unlike most companies selling 'gaming computers' you will not find any cookie cutter boxes here. Although we do make recommendations based on your budget, each and every machine is custom built specifically for you with extreme attention to detail and guaranteed to be the best you can get.

Need serious computing power for work? In addition to high end gaming machines, we also build custom computers for a variety of work applications as well. Time is money and increased productivity means increased profits and more time for things other than waiting on your computer!

Awesome Warranty Too

All of our custom built computers come with a comprehensive 1 year warranty on both parts and labor. This is on par with the warranties offered by large manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and others. The warranty covers all components as well as the labor to perform any needed repairs. Because we use only the highest quality components available in every build we are able to offer you this excellent warranty on your new computer at no additional charge. We also have a very low rate (virtualy zero!) of warranty claims allowing you to buy with confidence.

To learn more visit us at: MontanaGamers.com